Building Neighborhoods for the People Who Live There

Developing more than just places to live…

There are housing developers, and then there are community developers. There is a difference. Building affordable housing units is one thing, but building with a true commitment to the people who will live in those homes is what sets Medici Consulting Group apart from the traditional developer.

Our Philosophy

MCG is a community developer, we view our role as not just providing housing but creating community.  Each project is built with a true commitment to the people who will there and sets MCG apart from the traditional developer.

MCG takes immense pride in turning a vacant piece of ground or underutilized building into the social capital of relationships and networks creating benefit for the residents that ultimately lead to strengthening the neighborhoods and communities in which our projects are located.

Such ventures cannot be realized by MCG alone. From community leaders to architects, neighborhood activists to engineers, city planners to future residents, we believe the success of any project must be embraced by all of the people who will touch or be touched by the developments we undertake.